CMT has developed a policy to help facilities by providing free CMT branded products to use as display with their patients. To get these free samples, as well as the 50% demo discount, facilities need to be currently enrolled in our Rx Pad Discount Program. If you are not enrolled in our Rx Pad Discount program, please click on the link below under, "Not Enrolled in our Rx Pad Discount Program." This package of products is made available at no cost upon completion and return of this application. Also, although the samples are at no cost, you will be responsible for the shipping. Please provide your Facility ID below. Please note one sample package per Facility ID only.

If you are not interested in CMT branded products at this time, we do offer a 50% discount on any of our other over-the-counter products commonly used with patients. For example, dilators, binders, and/or lubricants.

Our 50% demo discount is good for 2 accessory items. If interested, please click the check box below and we will send a follow-up email to provide you with additional details.

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Non-branded accessory items
The package of products that are available are:
  • Release is a rectocele tool designed to provide relief by providing a more anatomical positioning so that bowels can be emptied with ease.
  • Serenity Therapy Massage Tools, is designed to reach internal musculature with the pelvic floor region to help massage muscles.
  • Pop QMs is a measuring stick that allows Clinicians the ability to determine the amount of hiatal ballooning in patients with an increased risk of prolapse.
  • Elevate Toileting Stool is a device used to help ease constipation and prevent hemorrhoids’ as a result of straining.
  • V-Tone Vaginal Weights are a set of weights that are inserted into the vagina to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  • CMT Ball, Band and Clip Set is used to target the inner thighs and abdominal muscles.
  • https://www.cmtmedical.com/rx-pad-program/