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Relaxation & Mediation for Pain Relief


Medical research shows that the nervous system of a person with persistent pain becomes sensitive and easy to activate. This increase in nerve sensitivity increases pain. By relaxing or meditating you reduce this sensitivity. You create healthy nerve activation in your brain, spinal cord and body that helps decrease pain. This recording provides you with three practices that retrain your nervous system to reduce nerve sensitivity and lessen pain. Progressive Relaxation guides you to gently contract then relax different muscle groups. This exercise promotes mind-body awareness, the deep relaxation of muscles and the calming of your nervous system. Mindful Body Scan guides you to bring a present moment, stable, kind and open awareness to your entire body, progressing from your feet to your head. This practice helps reduce nervous system reactivity that increases pain. Kindness Meditation guides you to repeat key phrases that awaken your heart's friendliness and goodwill. This focus on kindness reduces pain-amplifying brain activation due to fear, anger and stress.

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