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CMT Dual Channel Clinical Package II with Telesis Software


It is quite easy to get confused given the amount of information that a clinician must process when starting a pelvic muscle dysfunction program. This package is designed to provide a new clinic with the appropriate instrumentation and accessories to work with your first three to five patients.

System Includes:
• 1 - MR-20 Dual channel sEMG w/ Telesis
Software Package. Item # PG-TEL-9710/9225
• 2 - Pathway Surface EMG Pre-Amplifiers. Item #PG-2583
• 1 - Pelvic Floor Stimulator. Item #PG-STM-10
• 1 - Pathway Internal Sensor Adapter. Item #PG-3660
• 3 - sEMG/PFS Vaginal Sensor. Item #PG-6330
• 1 - sEMG/PFS Rectal Sensor. Item #PG-6340
• 1 - Pathway 6” Adapter. Item #PG-7100
• 3 - 24” .060 alternate socket to snap lead-wire set (3/set)
Item # CMP-W21010 Single Patient/Multi Use
• 1 - Disposable Lead Wire Electrodes Item #DLE-253
• 1 - Pre-gelled Ag/Ag/Cl triode. Item #PG-6750
• 1 - Pre-gelled Ag/Ag/Cl electrode. Item #DE-301
• 1 - 16oz. pump bottle sensor lubricant. Item #WO-G16GP

This package will provide the Clinician with two hand held units. The MR-20 has two channels of sEMG to monitor the pelvic floor and one other accessory muscle (usually abdominals). The STM-10 offers one channel of pelvic floor stimulation (PFS). The PG-3660 velcro adapter allows the system to monitor pelvic floor readings from either the PG-6330 or PG-6340 using the PG-7100 or CMP-W21010 tethered to the MR-20. The CMP-W21010 will work in conjunction with the DE-301’s for external pelvic floor placements and the PG-6750 triodes are used with the second channel of sEMG for abdominal placements. Each of the above sensors can be used in conjunction with the PFS (PG-STM-10) instrument as well. This package includes unlimited training via Mega Meeting for the life of the software or units provided the customer maintains an ongoing business relationship with CMT.

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