Men's Health Products and Services

Men’s Health products and services has long been overshadowed by the development of products produced for women when it comes to Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation (PMR).  Current Medical Technologies(CMT) has been on the forefront of sourcing relevant products from around the globe that aid in the rehabilitation process for all individuals.  To that end, you will see a wide variety of products on our site that are dedicated to PMR.

Our goal over the next five years is have a variety of products available for Men’s Health with regard to Bowel, Bladder and Sexual issues.  Please refer to this section often as you are bound to see changes in the products offered in this category.

At CMT, we do not consider ourselves as just a store, we consider ourselves to be partners within the community we serve.  As such, we invite you to help us help others.  If you have found a product that was helpful for your rehabilitation then it will probably help others as well.  Therefore, we want to hear from you!