Deluxe Pelvic Floor Massage Tool

Pelvic Pain, Internal Massage

Deluxe Pelvic Floor Massage Tool



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The Deluxe version of the Pelvic Floor massage tools offers a smaller diameter of 1/2″ which makes it easier for vaginal and/or rectal insertion. The Deluxe version also has a beaded end which offers increased massage characteristics for pain. Both units are useful for the treatment of Pelvic Floor Muscle dysfunction to include pain, hyper-tonicity, shortening, trigger points, Vaginismus, painful scar tissue, tight vaginal opening and Anorgasmia. It is highly recommended that the Deluxe and Original massage tools be cleaned with soap & water or hydrogen peroxide. Alcohol cleaning is not recommended for this product. (Note: The “champagne” bubbles in the design are intentional and not a defect in the product.)

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