MR-15 Single Channel sEMG Biofeedback with Software

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MR-15 Single Channel sEMG Biofeedback with Software



Combine the cost effectiveness of a single channel sEMG with Telesis software for a effective, powerful and easy to use PMR program in your clinic.

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Pathway MR-15 sEMG Biofeedback with Telesis Software

Combine the cost effectiveness of our best visual sEMG MR-15  single channel sEMG biofeedback system with Telesis software for a effective, powerful and easy to use PMR program in your clinic.

The Pathway MR-15 Surface EMG is a single channel sEMG biofeedback system that allows the clinician to observe the behavior of  muscle.  In the hands of a properly trained clinician surface EMG biofeedback is a powerful tool used to:

  • Calm hypertonic muscle
  • Up Train weak or atrophied muscle

With this combination package the clinician has the ability to:

  1. Store patient sessions through out the course of treatment.
  2. Take and generate detailed patient histories
  3. Track patient progress over time
  4. Provide Statistical reports and graphs depicting:
  5. Auto generate report narratives that tie in the statistical data with patient histories for powerful detailed reports
  6. Generate patient homework assignments with a list of FAQ’s and behavior modifications designed for the individual patient.

In the hands of a properly trained clinician, sEMG biofeedback with Telesis software is an effective tool for pelvic muscle rehabilitation to treat:

  • Pelvic Pain
  • Incontinence (Bowel & Bladder)
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Sexual dysfunction

Why Choose Current Medical Technologies as your supplier?


  1. Current Medical Technologies, Inc. has over 60 combined years of experience working with clinicians specializing in Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation.
  2. 20+ years specializing in the systems we sell.
  3. We have trained many of the instructors and educators currently teaching through Herman & Wallace, APTA and Universities all over the USA.

Size and Scope

  1. We are the largest stocking distributor specializing in Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation (PMR)
  2. We maintain an inhouse Medicare Accredited DME program for patient rentals, nothing is farmed out to third parties.
  3. We Sponsor or Co-Sponsor over 30 continuing education courses each year.
  4. We are sought out by manufacturers globally to promote their product offerings, you will find products on our site that you will not find anywhere else!

Customer Friendly

  1. Full time staff to answer your calls.  No answering machines during normal business hours!
  2. All products offered guaranteed in stock*
  3. Orders placed before 2:00 pm EST shipped same day
  4. Fast & Friendly returns and exchanges**
  5. A+ BBB rating
The MR-20 with Telesis software includes:
  1. (1) MR-15
  2. (1) Telesis Software license (DVD)
  3. (1) Carrying Case
  4. (1) sEMG Lead-Wire, color white (PG-2583w)
  5. (1) 9 volt battery
  6. (1) sample pack electrodes (PG-6750)
  7. (1) MR-15 Users Guide
  8. (1) Telesis Users Guide
  9. Unlimited training for the life of your system! ***

*-Unless on a manufacturers backorder

**-With respect to our return policy

***-Provided your facility maintains a business relationship with CMT.

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