PelvicSense- An Online Healing Home Program for Chronic Pelvic Pain Patients

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PelvicSense- An Online Healing Home Program for Chronic Pelvic Pain Patients



This online pelvic healing home program helps patients reduce persistent pelvic pain in 3 months.   Patients will implement the program alongside with their healthcare provider’s expert care.  They’ll learn pain neuroscience education, evidence for healing techniques and perform gentle mind/body exercises designed to reverse central sensitization using a biopsychosocial healing approach.



PelvicSense is an online self-help home program for chronic pelvic pain patients implemented concurrently with your expert medical care.  The biopsychosocial healing approach of PelvicSense reduces your patient’s persistent pain, improves pelvic function and lowers pelvic anxiety in 3 months.

Practitioners, while you provide your treatments, your patients will learn about pain neuroscience, sleep hygiene, why diaphragmatic breathing is good, how to elevate their parasympathetic nervous system, and actively practice mind exercises to retrain the brain and nervous system to decrease pain.

Created by Evelyn Hecht, PT, a 25-year Master Clinician of Pelvic PT and Certified Biopsychosocial Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Practitioner, the program is designed to reverse “central sensitization,” the primary driver of chronic pelvic pain.

Why PelvicSense Makes Sense for chronic pelvic pain:

Patients follow a trio of healing skills: Learn, Rewire and Move.

Learn – ten minutes of easy-to-understand readings on topics including pain science, pelvic function, breathing, visualization, meditation, pacing, self-compassion, nutrition and more.

Rewire – ten minutes of listening to audios that calm the hypersensitive nervous system and retrain the brain to send more feel-good chemicals (dopamine, endorphins) to the body.

Move – twenty minutes of gently progressive exercise videos, including breathing, pelvic floor down-training, and pelvic/spine/hip movements.  Over 45 different exercises in total.

Plus they’ll learn how to return to meaningful life activities using the Pacing method.

Pelvic PT’s can advise patients to do their prescribed exercises instead of the Move  exercises.

PelvicSense Helps Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain to:

  • increase parasympathetic activation
  • decrease pelvic anxiety,
  • experience pleasurable intimacy
  • lower fear of pelvic function
  • regain social connections,
  • achieve optimal bladder/bowel function
  • decrease pain

The program is for women diagnosed with vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, endometriosis constipation, coccydynia, irritable bowel syndrome, dyssynergia, overactive bladder, bladder pain, interstitial cystitis, urinary urgency, painful sitting, hypertonic pelvic floor, persistent hip, and lower back pain.

Men with related pelvic floor issues benefit from the program too.

PelvicSense is Affordable!

The program has three different levels:  Silver, Gold and Platinum.   Depending on your patient’s budget and need, there’s an offer that best fits their needs.

The Silver 3-Month Membership ($99) Includes:

  1. The full online home program
  2. Our downloadable eBook, Heal Your Pelvic Pain with Science
  3. Three free bonuses for optimum pelvic health
  4. Downloads of Meaningful Life Activities, 100 Grateful Things, 50 Positive Affirmations, My Healing Progress, Pacing Guide.
  5. Email support throughout the program
  6. Lifetime access to private FB community
  7. Access to PelvicSense mobile

The Gold 3-Month Membership ($276) includes everything in Silver, plus:

  1. Three (3) Group Zoom Meetings (on a HIPAA-compliant platform) hosted by founder, Evelyn Hecht, PT for all active Gold members.
  2. Ability to download and keep all calming Rewire audios to listen anywhere, anytime.

The Platinum Program ($477):

  1. Ability to download the full PelvicSense program
  2. Keep the program for life
  3. A 75-minute one-on-one private Zoom informational session with the founder of PelvicSense, Evelyn Hecht, PT
  4. Email support throughout the program
  5. Lifetime access to private FB community
  6. Access to PelvicSense mobile

PelvicSense Helps the Practitioner

By referring your persistent pelvic pain patients to implement PelvicSense’s home program, while they receive your expert care, you will be amazed at how effectively patients achieve long-lasting healing in a shorter time frame.


Silver Program, Gold Program, Platinum Program