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The Squatty Potty, a toilet footstool that is leading the squatting movement worldwide, helps ease suffering from pelvic floor disorders in women and men by improving toilet posture. A 2008 study by Kaiser Permanente published in Obstetrics & Gynecology found that one-third of women suffer from one or more pelvic floor disorders. In addition, aging, obesity, and childbirth increase the likelihood of experiencing these issues. Although pelvic floor disorders are more common in women, men also suffer from similar symptoms; the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reports that nearly one in every five men ages 60 and older experience incontinence.

Manufactured in the USA, the Squatty Potty’s ergonomic design properly aligns the colon to reduce straining during bowel movements; pressure from frequent straining can contribute to pelvic floor disorders. Recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors, the Squatty Potty is a toilet footstool that helps assume the squatting position for more effective elimination.


* The 7″ Squatty Potty is our best seller and perfect for those new to squatting and/or standard size toilets.

* The 9″ Squatty Potty is great for advanced (flexible) squatters or taller, comfort height toilets.

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