The Art of Control-A Woman’s Guide to Bladder Care

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The Art of Control-A Woman’s Guide to Bladder Care


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The Art Of Control; A Woman’s Guide To Bladder Care is a unique book that demystifies women’s bladder issues including urinary frequency, urinary urgency, nighttime voiding, pelvic floor muscle weakness, prolapse, and incontinence, to name a few. This book is a concise, quick read designed to allow you to take action immediately and see excellent results in only a few days.

This book will change your life!

Discover the amazingly simple strategies to regain bladder control.  No Longer worry about wetting your pants.  Learn how to attend social gatherings with complete confidence.  Stop worrying where the next bathroom is located.  Stop getting up to pee in the middle of the night.

You will discover how to:

  • Sleep through the night now matter how many years it has been.
  • Avoid unnecessary and costly medications that usually do not work.
  • Save money by eliminating protection pads, skin creams or powders.
  • Make it all the way to the bathroom without a leak.
  • Prevent surgery and associated complications.
  • Increase your pelvic floor sensation and improve orgasms.
  • Keep loved ones out of nursing homes.
  • Sit through a whole meal or movie without having to use the bathroom.

What people are saying:

Reading the Art of Control is like having a really helpful conversation with your closest friend about this embarrassing and inconvenient problem.  Except that closest friend just happens to be an expert female pelvic medicine physical therapist.  The informal and engaging style of this very quick read belies its efficient and accessible communication of simple changes you can make to improve your bladder control today.  This is not a Kegel training manual.  Leslie’s holistic approach incorporates behavior, mindfulness, core muscle strengthening, and fluid consumption advise to help you see the many small changes that add up to better bladder control.- Dr. Elizabeth Chase, Garrison Women’s Health Center


Author: Leslie M. Parker, PT, CDT; Owner of Inner Balance Physical Therapy in Eliot, Maine; Published author for The Good Men Project