Enlighten Physical Therapy

Enlighten Physical Therapy: Conscious Care for Pelvic Health and owner, Casie Danenhauer, Doctor of Physical Therapy promote a balance between western science and a holistic consideration of the physical, emotional, psychological, energetic, and spiritual systems when addressing pelvic health concerns. Dr. Casie uses the biopsychosocial model as a framework for working with clients with pelvic health concerns. She has found that the most effective and efficient way to working with pelvic floor issues and/or chronic pain is an integrative approach- incorporating a cohesive blend of manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, physical yoga postures, breathing activities, and meditation. Enlighten PT’s holistic approach to pelvic health is balance, open communication, and empowerment of clients to take charge of their own health. The benefits to this approach are exponentially greater than simply “curing” ones’ pain. Conscious care allows for the opportunity to live more mindfully, enjoy abundance of health and joy, and engage in a richer life.