Thermal Home Trainer Stress Therometer

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Thermal Home Trainer Stress Therometer

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Skin temperature can be used as a measure of tension and/or relaxation.  As your hands get warmer, your tension levels are decreasing.  Using the Thermal Home Trainer Stress Thermometer combined with a guided imagery CD helps to bring the relaxation response which the patient can easily see on this feedback device.


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Hand warming is one of the many different methods used in biofeedback training.  When a person feels stress there is an automatic change that takes place within their body.  Blood flow is significantly decreased in the hands, feet and other extremities while being increased to the vital organs of the body.  This is commonly known as Vasoconstriction and this can lead to pain.  The Thermal Home Trainer is a simple yet effective device to help monitor your stress levels.

The main goal of hand-warming is to assist in measuring our level of stress through skin temperature, and therefore allow us to change those levels.  The Thermal Home Trainer can also help to measure vasodilation; or the increase of blood flow in the body to tissues that need it most.  The more stressed a person is, the lower the temperature in the hands, feet, and other extremities. The lower the stress level, the higher the temperature should be in the extremities.  As a result, using the Thermal Home Trainer combined with a guided imagery CD helps to bring an improved relaxation.

The Thermal Home Trainer provides a specific number value for stress levels that can be compared over time to check improvement and for degrees of reactions to different stressful events. As a result of the large display screen the patient can easily monitor their relaxation response.   It also displays your Stress Level to the nearest 0.10 F. (e.g., 83.5F, 85.6, 90.8) consequently helping with Stress Management, Rehabilitation Education and Counseling.

  • Large Display – Easy to read.
  • Fast Sensor – Quickly see how thoughts and feelings change your temperature.
  • Attractive Hi-Tech look. High Contrast LCD display, 3/4″ high. Displays temperature to the nearest 0.1. Thermistor wire length – 10 ft.
  • Monitors both body temperature and room temperature.
  • 2¾” x 2 1/8″ x 5/8″.
  • Powered by 1.5v battery(included)
  • Estimated 1-year battery life.
  • Large, ¾” high LCD display
  • Attractive high-tech look
  • Tilting desktop stand for easy reading
  • Digital clock display
  • Monitors both body and room temperature
  • Warm Hands, Warm Heart Training guide