Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy is a term used to help individuals focus inward and listen to their bodies.  Certain behaviors that we have learned, to deal with daily stress, can play an important role in how we feel.  Stress left unchecked can manifest into pain, lethargy and irritability.  By taking time to listen to our bodies, and make simply modifications, will help to alleviate the aforementioned associated conditions.

The items contained herein will provide the user with the means to bring on the relaxation response and monitor your success in achieving it.

The use of guided imagery will take the user through a progression of relaxation protocols designed to take inventory of body and mind.  Vasodilation is one of our bodies ways of relaxing.   Vasodilation is slowing of the heart rate and dilation of blood vessels.  When blood vessels dilate they carry more blood to all parts of the body including the hands and feet thereby increasing skin temperature. Thermal Biofeedback can be used to measure changes in hand temperature and allow the user to gage effectiveness and make adjustments to better relax and reduce stress and associated symptoms.

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