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Do I need a prescription?
What conditions need to be met in order for Medicare to cover?
What type of payments do you accept?
How do I get my information on your “Find a Therapist” page?
How do I place an order?
Where is your company located?
How long have you been in business?
What are your hours of operation?
Is my personal information secure?
What happens if I forget my account ID / password?


What is your Shipping Policy?
What is the cost of shipping?
When will my products arrive?
What if the product is defective or is missing an item?
Who would pay the shipping cost for the return?
Do you sell used medical equipment and supplies?
What if I lost my receipt?
What if I no longer have the original package?
What is your Return Policy?


I am insurance-dependent. Which unit am I most likely to have insurance coverage for sEMG or Pelvic Floor Stimulation (PFS)?
How do I find out if my insurance will cover for sEMG or PFS?
Once I start renting a unit at what point do I own it?
I do not have a credit card, what are my payment options?
I filled out a credit card authorization form when I received my rental unit, why did I receive an invoice?
Do you accept Medicare or other form of Insurance?
Will you provide financing?


What are the differences between the TR-10 and the TR-10c home surface EMG Biofeedback units?
What are the components that I need to have in order to use surface EMG Biofeedback (sEMG) at home?
I have been using my home unit for about a month and have not seen any improvement in my symptoms. How long does it take before I start to see some progress?
I just started using my STM-10 Pelvic Floor Stimulator (PFS) and seem to be going through batteries every few weeks. Is there something wrong with the unit?
What is the difference between the Synergy 3D and Telesis software systems?


How do you clean electrodes?
Can lead wires be used more than once?
Spoiler title
What is the difference between the TR10 and the TR10C?
How do you clean the massage tools?
What is the proper way to clean and use the Syracuse Medical dilators?
Can a vaginal sensor be used when a patient has a pessary?
What is the difference between the MR-20 Start-up Clinical Package and the CTS-1500 package?
Can the MR20-units be used on any other muscle group?
Can Pelvic Floor Stimulators be used on any other muscle group?
I want to try and arrange a sEMG unit for my patient, should I use an internal sensor or external lead wire?
Does Medicare cover a TENS unit for pelvic pain? (internal stimulator for pain)


My CTS 1500 unit is not calibrating properly.