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Do I need a prescription?
Current Medical Technologies’ product line is made up of 2 categories. The first category is over-the-counter (OTC) products which do not require a prescription. The second category is prescription items such as the Pelvic Floor Stimulator and surface EMG instrumentation. Although any of our products can be purchased online, for those products requiring a prescription you will be contacted within one business day to provide evidence of your current RX from your referring Physician or Physical Therapist.
What conditions need to be met in order for Medicare to cover?
Medicare covers Pelvic Floor Stimulators provided the diagnosis is stress incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, fecal incontinence or fecal smearing.   In addition, the patients will have to have undergone a four (4) week trial of pelvic muscle exercises and the trial is documented by a licensed Physician and/or Physical Therapist and the patient’s in-office visit with their Referring Physician has to be within 6 months prior to the date the Certificate of Medical Necessity is signed.  Also the Referring Physician has to have updated their records with Medicare. 
What type of payments do you accept?
We accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Please note your credit card will be charged the day your item(s) are shipped. You may also pay by check or money order. However, please note if paying by money order, your item will not ship until we receive the money order. If you are paying by check, we will not ship your ordered item(s) until the check is cleared by your bank.
How do I place an order?
CMT provides three ways to place an order: (1) Online through our website (2) by phone; or (3) by fax. Please note orders received prior to 2 p.m. (EST) will be shipped the same day unless the item(s) is in back order.
Where is your company located?
Lakeville, Massachusetts
How long have you been in business?
CMT was formed in 1995.
What are your hours of operation?
We are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  (Eastern Standard Time)
Is my personal information secure?
Yes, it is secure. We use only industry standard practices and SSL database.
How do I get my information on your “Find a Therapist” page?
In order to get your information onto our website, please send your information to info@cmtmedical.com and we will add it in.  Please be sure to include your name, title, facility name and address.  You may also include your email and telephone number, as well as your Clinician license number.


My Facility ID/Discount code does not seem to be working?
When you enroll in our Rx Pad Discount Program, you are provided a unique Facility ID that can be used on future purchases, and can be shared with your patients, so that they may receive the same discount you get.  Please note, the Facility ID is made up of an abbreviation of your facility name, the state where your facility resides, as well as your zip code.  For example, American Physical Therapy in CA, Zip Code 12345 would be:  APT-CA12345.  When inputting this code, please note it is not case sensitive, but is dash sensitive.  Therefore, you need to make sure the dash is in with no spaces between the letters and numbers.   If you are still having issues, you may need to clear the cache with your computer system.  If you had input it incorrectly before, the computer may still be recognizing the incorrect one and over-riding the correct version.
I forget to add my Facility ID/Discount Code when I made my purchase.
Unfortunately, we can not go back into the system and retroactively put in your Facility ID/Discount code.  Our software system will not allow us to go back in and re-process it.  As such, you will need to be sure to include your Facility ID/Discount code when you are checking out with your purchase.  There will be no exceptions for this.
What happens if I forget my account ID / password?
You can click on the “Forgot My Password” link to retrieve or reset your password.


What is your Shipping Policy?

Domestic Shipping

Current Medical Technologies, Inc. offers two shipping carriers services: UPS and USPS for all orders.  Orders placed by Physicians, Physical Therapists or their facilities are shipped via UPS Ground; unless otherwise directed by them.  Orders placed by customers/patients are typically shipped via USPS Priority Mail, unless otherwise directed by them. Please note, USPS Priority Mail does not guarantee their service.  As such, customers choosing USPS do so at their own risk.   CMT cannot guarantee delivery of shipping service once the package leaves the CMT warehouse.  All customers with lost or damaged items will need to seek resolution with the carrier service company they have chosen.

Orders placed before 2:00 pm ET are usually shipped the same day unless product is back-ordered. Orders placed after 2:00 pm ET are usually shipped the next business day unless the product is back-ordered. Orders placed after 2:00 pm ET on Friday are shipped the following Monday unless product is back-ordered or falls on a holiday. Current Medical Technologies, Inc. will notify customers via email with respect to anticipated shipping date for all back-ordered products.

UPS delivery times vary depending on your location, with the average delivery time of 2-6 days. Our shipping warehouse is based in Massachusetts; therefore orders going to the North East US can expect delivery from 1-3 days, while orders going to the West Coast can expect delivery time ranging from 4-6 days. All orders are shipped F.O.B. Shipping Point.  Please note, UPS does not consider the day of pick up as the first day of shipping.    Customers should take this into consideration when choosing any type of expedited shipping.

UPS does not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays. Customers should take this into consideration when choosing Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air Shipping.

UPS does not deliver on major U.S. holidays.  It is the responsibility of the customer to check the UPS website for a list of observed UPS Holidays.  Customers should also take this into consideration when choosing Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air Shipping.

REMINDER:  Please be sure to refer to the USPS or UPS website before placing your order online order as expedited shipping may be interrupted or not available during any holiday.  CMT will not be responsible for late deliveries during this time period.

USPS delivery times vary depending on your location and day of order.

International Shipping:

Current Medical Technologies, Inc. also provides international shipping via a third-party company, GlobalShoppex.  The estimated cost of shipping provided through our website does not include any customs charges, fuel/duty fees or taxes imposed by the designated governing agencies and is done through GlobalShoppex.    All orders shipped outside the United States may be subject to additional fees not included in the shipping charge assessed by Current Medical Technologies, Inc.  Please note these fees can vary widely from country to country.   Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Buyer/Customer to be aware of any additional fees associated with the import of products into their respective countries.   Please contact your local customs office for further information.

The Buyer/Customer agrees to be responsible for all additional fees (customs charges, fuel, duty, etc.) associated with shipping the purchased item(s) to the address provided by the Buyer/Customer.

There will be no refunds for any items ordered and purchased that the Buyer/Customer refuses to accept because of the additional fees charged. A refund will only be given in the event the item(s) is deemed damaged during shipping. Any damaged items will be returned to the manufacturer for repair and shipped back out to the Buyer/Customer. The Buyer/Customer will not be responsible for any shipping charge as a result of damage done during shipping. However, if the product is damaged while in the possession of the Buyer/Customer, then they will be responsible for all charges to ship the item back to Current Medical Technologies for manufacturer repair.

What is the cost of shipping?
There are many variables that determine the cost for shipping our products. For example, the weight of an item, how shipping is calculated, the destination, as well as the expediency in which the patient needs the item will be a factored into the overall shipping costs.
When will my products arrive?
If you place your order (by phone or online) prior to 2 pm EST it will ship out that same day. Our standard shipping carrier is UPS and the US Postal Service. The customary time is between 1-7 business days depending on locale from our Lakeville, MA headquarters. However, you have the option to expedite your shipment through UPS so that you may receive your product sooner. If you place your order (by phone or online) after 2 pm EST it will ship out the next day, provided it is during our normal hours of operation.

Please note, CMT cannot guarantee delivery of shipping service once the package leaves the CMT warehouse.  All customers with lost or damaged items will need to seek resolution with the carrier service company they have chosen.  Therefore it is important that you read our Shipping Policy in its entirety. 

What if some products are missing from my order?
 It is never our intent to send out your order with missing item(s). However, if this happens, just reach out and let us know within 7 days after the receipt of your order.  If we do not hear from you after this 7 day period, we will assume your order is received completed and in full.
How What is the Process to Ship Internationally?
  Please click here to see the instructions on  how to use our international shipping.
What if the product is defective or is missing an item?
Defective merchandise can only be returned for exchange provided the item is in its original packaging and it is within the Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you are missing an item, please be sure to notify CMT within the 7 day period after the receipt of your order. If we do not hear from you during this time period, we will assume the order was received and completed in full.
Who would pay the shipping cost for the return?
CMT will be responsible for the shipping costs if: (1) Patient receives the wrong item; (2) The ordered item is defective and it is of no fault of the patient; (3) The ordered item is missing a part or item which is needed to make the it operational.  Otherwise the cost to return the item is the responsibility of the customer.   
Do you sell used medical equipment and supplies?
No. However, from time to time we do get items that are returned in re-sellable condition. If you have a question about your item, please do not hesitate to contact us.
What if I lost my receipt?
CMT tracks all receipts so patients need only to call our office to obtain the specific information they need.
What if I no longer have the original package?
CMT will use its best efforts to return items from customers who no longer have the original packaging. However, having the original packaging will allow for easier returns.
What is your Return Policy?
Please click here to see our Return Policy.


I am insurance-dependent. Which unit am I most likely to have insurance coverage for sEMG or Pelvic Floor Stimulation (PFS)?
Although there is never a guarantee of insurance reimbursement with any product. Pelvic Floor Stimulation by far provides the best chance.
How do I find out if my insurance will cover for sEMG or PFS?
CMT is the only company in this niche of healthcare to have a full time billing staff. Providing us with some basic information, we can contact your insurance company and pre-certify your claim to gain a better understanding as to how your insurance company will reimburse. We will then contact you or your clinician with the results usually, within one hour of speaking with you.
Once I start renting a unit at what point do I own it?
CMT applies 100% of the rental payments toward the purchase of the item within the first 90 days. You will receive notification to prompt you for purchase on your second billing. After your 3rd billing cycle rental fees are applied at the rate of 80% of rental toward purchase retroactive to the 1st month.
I do not have a credit card, what are my payment options?
If paying by check, your order will be held until payment is received. CMT will release the product for shipping once your check clears. For institutional customers, CMT will grant terms based on credit worthiness.
I filled out a credit card authorization form when I received my rental unit, why did I receive an invoice?
All rental customers are required to fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form which is kept on file at CMT. The Credit Card Authorization Form allows the customer to designate their method of payment, either via invoice or credit card. However, if the indication box is not checked off, CMT will automatically issue an invoice to the ordering customer and they will have 30 days to make their payment.
Do you accept Medicare or other form of Insurance?
CMT is a full service DME supplier. We can submit all claims direct to any insurance carrier.
Will you provide financing?
CMT offers special programs that allow customers to spread out their payments, as well as offer leasing options for higher volume and longer terms. We handle each customer order on a case by case basis.


What is the benefit of using the Viberect stimulator?
The Viberect X2 is helpful in increasing sensitivity.  Consider at least a good 2-3 months of use before expecting improvements with your nerves. The Viberect stimulates the pudendal nerve receptors on both sides of the penis.  These are the nerves that communicate with critical centers in the brain and spinal cord responsible for erection, rigidity, ejaculation, orgasm and state of well-being.  The Viberect “turns-on” the erection signal to the brain.   Always seek out the help of a Urologist specializing in Sexual Dysfunction. They will help to pin-point what might be causing the ED.
What are the differences between the TR-10 and the TR-10c home surface EMG Biofeedback units?
Both units are single channel biofeedback units. The main difference between the units is that the TR-10c will hold its programming while the TR-10 will default back to the manufacturers’ original factory settings, each time the unit is turned off. Although programming these units is not difficult, Clinicians should carefully evaluate their patients to insure that they have the acumen to properly program the TR-10. Failure to do so will have an overall impact on patient compliance. The difference in pricing between the TR-10 and TR-10c is $10 per month. All rental patients can contact Current Medical Technologies, Inc. for programming instruction.
What are the components that I need to have in order to use surface EMG Biofeedback (sEMG) at home?
The most common home sEMG unit is the Pathway TR-10 & TR-10c. Each rental unit comes with a lead-wire, Velcro adapter, battery, rental paperwork and instruction guide. The patient will be responsible for having their own internal vaginal sensor, rectal sensor or extended lead-wire set with electrodes. All items can be purchased for additional cost at Current Medical Technologies, Inc.
I have been using my home unit for about a month and have not seen any improvement in my symptoms. How long does it take before I start to see some progress?
Depending on how aggressive your home training program is, every patient is different with regard to age and starting condition. In general, if you are compliant and follow your clinicians training regimen you should start to see progress within three to six months. If you do not see progress within that timeframe you should contact your clinician to review and make changes to your home program.
I just started using my STM-10 Pelvic Floor Stimulator (PFS) and seem to be going through batteries every few weeks. Is there something wrong with the unit?
No. The STM-10 PFS unit is a multi-frequency device. Battery lifetime is variable based on the frequencies used and session time. Units programmed at higher frequencies and used for 30 minutes or more each day will consume batteries at a higher rate.
What is the difference between the Synergy 3D and Telesis software systems?

For purposes of comparison the Telesis software is broken down into three parts.

  • The front end “Tools” section.
  • The Middle Section “Start Here” where you Conduct “Real Time” Sessions, Modify protocols etc.
  • The back end “Reporting”

The majority of changes-differences between the Telesis & Synergy take place in the front and back ends with very little change being done to the “Real Time” area.

This comes as good news to clinicians as the learning curve to Telesis from Synergy is minimal.  The only significant change is that the range adjustment now includes a 25Uv range which is significant as a majority of PF therapists report this range is where most of their patients work.

The front end of the software includes the HIPPA and login credentials for the care providers at the facility.

Synergy does not have HIPPA compliance so this is completely new to the Telesis software.

Users will need to be added to the system as care providers and have their own unique login credentials.  Furthermore, locations will also need to be established to provide information of where the patient was seen.  Essentially everything that a care provider does while being logged into the system is tracked by the system and stored within the tools section.  The tracking tool stores information such as:

  1. Patient Session
  2. Dates, times and locations.
  3. Reports modified
  4. Screens viewed
  5. Screens printed

This information can all be displayed between certain date ranges as the auditing authority requests.

Telesis also offers a system set-up tab which sets defaults as where databases and back-ups are stored.

For facilities that have multiple locations or systems within one facility you now have the ability to centralize your databases on a server so you do not need to create multiple patient records.

Patients records can now be created using multiple criteria instead of just the patient name and can be set by the care provider based on the facility needs.  Such search criteria include:

  • Patient Name
  • Unique ID
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth

This allows patient records to be searched without identifying any other patients by name while conducting tests.

Also within the system set-up the care provider can set defaults as to how the session reports are displayed and modified.

The reports area is also another area which has gone through a major revamping.  Some of the changes are as follows:

  1. Immediately after a session concludes, the system takes the user to a session graph.
    1. This graph can now be modified to add, remove or adjust markers.
    2. Zoom in feature to capture meaningful data.
    3. Launch additional session directly from the graphic screen
    4. Toggle between session graphs within the patient visit to make comparisons.
  2. Multiple Reports are now available to the clinician at the conclusion of the session.  These reports include:
    1. Chart note with updated ICD-10 coding
    2. EMG Evaluation Report
    3. Accessory muscle performance evaluation
    4. Exercise Report complete with patient homework and patient FAQ’s
    5. Bladder Diary
    6. Physical Medicine Muscle Performance Measurement Report
    7. Authorization Letter requesting specific visits
  3. These reports are not only statistical in nature but also come as narratives which grab information from the sessions conducted.
  4. The user now has the option to output reports to MS Word or PDF format.  The addition of MS Word with Telesis allows the clinician to modify the reports which was not available on Synergy.


How do you clean electrodes?
All of the CMT electrodes are intended for single patient use only. Electrodes should be cleaned with hot soapy water and should never be cleaned with an astringent or anything stronger as it may irritate the patient.
Is the balloon catheter being placed distal or proximal to the IAS? If it is distal, how is it assisting in the IAS automatic reflex to relax and open?
The balloon is inserted above the anal canal up into the rectum making it proximal to the IAS.  I hope it helps your clinical reasoning around the balloon procedure.
Can lead wires be used more than once?
All lead wires are intended for single patient use only and may be used more than once provided the same person is using them. The exception is the disposable lead wires (#DL3-253). These lead wires are a single person/single use product.
What is the difference between a Pathway STM10 and the Liberty?
Both the Pathway STM10 and the Liberty are pelvic floor stimulators. The difference is the STM10 is fully programmable with four duty cycles: 5/5, 5/10, 10/10, 10/20. While the Liberty has a fixed duty cycle: 10/10 and runs for 30 minutes and then shuts off. The STM10 can be used to treat urge, mixed, stress incontinence, as well as pelvic pain and non-obstructed bladder retention. The Liberty treats stress, urge and mixed incontinence only. By comparison, the Liberty’s 3v battery has a longer life than the 9v STM-10. Lastly, if you current use Pathway sensors, the STM-10 will take a direct connection. On the other hand, you will need to purchase an additional adapter (PG-3700 Liberty to Pathway adapter) to use Pathway sensors with the Liberty unit.
What is the difference between the TR10 and the TR10C?
The TR-10 will need to be reprogrammed each time it is turned on; while the TR-10c will hold its programming from session to session. If you feel your patient has the acumen to reprogram the unit each time then the TR-10 would be fine. However, if you feel that the patient may have difficulty programming the unit then the TR-10c would be better for them. We have found that patients who have trouble programming the unit will not be compliant with their treatment.
How do you clean the massage tools?
The massage tools should be used with a gentle soap and water. Any type of astringent or alcohol based cleaning solution will cause the material of the massage tool to breakdown, which may cause injury to the patient, as well as be an irritant for them.
What is the proper way to clean and use the Syracuse Medical dilators?
It will depend on how you are using them. For example:

Single Patient Use
It is recommended that the patients wash the dilator before and after each use in hot water with detergent and rinse thoroughly. They are to lubricate and insert in vagina as far as possible for 10 minutes each day.

Physical Therapist Use (for training purposes)
If the PT is using a dilator on patients for training purposes, it is recommended that a condom be used for each patient. It is also recommended that the dilator be cleaned with Virex TP by submerging the dilator for at least 3 minutes before and after each use. The Virex TP solution is a hospital grade disinfectant that provides excellent cleaning and deodorizing in one step and meets bloodborne pathogen standards for decontaminating blood and body fluids.

Can a vaginal sensor be used when a patient has a pessary?
Although most pessaries are made of rubber, plastic or silicone-based material, if a pessary should include any type of metal, a vaginal sensor should not be used. Essentially, the vaginal sensor coupled with a STIM-10 unit draws an electrical current. As such, the pessary would also be conductive and draw current, therefore affecting the readings of the STIM unit; as well as frequencies the unit should be working at.
What is the difference between the MR-20 Start-up Clinical Package and the CTS-1500 package?
The CTS-1500 offers 2 channels of sEMG and 1 channel of Pelvic Floor Stimulation in one unit, rather than two separate units which make up the Start-up Clinical Package. The CTS 1500 has “Stim on the fly” which allows the Physical Therapist the ability to switch from sEMG to pelvic floor stimulation within the same session. The CTS-1500 also comes with the new HIPAA compliant version of Synergy 3D software which further encrypts patient records to ensure privacy against I.D. theft. In addition, the CTS-1500 software automatically generates a report narrative which saves valuable time and allows for quicker reporting to physicians’ insurance companies. The CTS-1500 system comes with accessories to treat up to 6 patients depending on treatment plan and CTS-1500C comes with an additional computer and printer. For Physical Therapists just starting out on their own or with a limited budget, the popular MR-20 Clinical Package is a fantastic start-up platform. The equipment included in this package provides what you will need to immediately treat your first 3-5 patients. Please note, although shown in our catalog with the CTS-1500, the Anthro Cart is not included with the package.
Can the MR20-units be used on any other muscle group?
Absolutely. When used in the connection with the PG-6750 electrode, your MR-20 unit can be used on any muscle other group to gauge biofeedback.
Can Pelvic Floor Stimulators be used on any other muscle group?
Frequency for pelvic muscle is thought to be advantageous for stress, urgency, pain. Pelvic Floor Stimulators are not FDA approved. Therefore it is not recommended for neuromuscular stimulation.
I want to try and arrange a sEMG unit for my patient, should I use an internal sensor or external lead wire?
We recommend using an internal sensor for home use because of the difficulty most patients have correctly attaching the lead wire which can affect patient compliance.
Does Medicare cover a TENS unit for pelvic pain? (internal stimulator for pain)
Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover for TENS for pelvic Pain.


My CTS 1500 unit is not calibrating properly.
There could be a problem with your power supply source. The electrical stimulation within the CTS 1500 unit needs to calibrated daily. This calibration is timed. If there is a short in your power supply strip it may cause a delay in getting electricity to the unit thereby causing the calibration test to fail. Therefore, unplug your CTS unit from the power strip and plug it directly into the wall and/or floor. Restart your CTS unit and have it go through the calibration process again. If the calibration test passes, then you should consider getting a new power supply strip or leave it plugged into the wall or floor.
My CTS System gives me a Calibration Error Message when I first turn the system on in the morning.
Each morning, when you turn your CTS system on, it will conduct a Stim Calibration check.  This is a timed check which ramps up each frequency to the maximum 100mA and back down to zero.  This must be accomplished in acceptable time to pass calibration.  If it does not meet the time limit the calibration will fail.

This error is due to “Dirty Electricity” most associated with too much electrical draw from the same circuit due to the CTS plugged into a power strip.  Most of the time this can be solved by plugging the CTS device directly into the wall outlet.