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With a full time DME staff dedicated to coordinating information between Patients, Physicians, Therapists and Insurance companies; Current Medical Technologies, Inc., is the best choice to provide your patients with home instrumentation for pelvic muscle rehabilitation.

What we provide:

  1.  Full-time staff who answers the phone Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).
  2.  Pre-certification of your patients’ insurance benefits. (Provided we are able to contact the insurance company.)
  3.  Guarantee that the products we offer are in stock and ready to ship (except for manufacturer’s backorders.)
  4.  Direct billing to insurance or patient with no clinician involvement.

NOTE:  When filing out either form online, it is highly recommended that you do so in Internet Explorer.  Not all browsers will support Adobe Acrobat.  If you are having difficulty, please print and fill out the forms completely and fax to (508) 947-1486.  Thank you.

Get started now by filling out our Home Rental Request Form

Clinicians, our Home Rental program is simple and easy to get started. Simply fill out the following forms to start the process for arranging a home rental unit for your patient.

Interested in the Elvie Breast Pump?  Please fill out the attached form to see if your insurance will cover some or all of the cost? 

Have any questions?  Please call:

  • Dawn 508.966.8240
  • Mindy 508.859.4449
  • Savannah (508) 618-7691

What’s the Process?

  1. Once we receive the completed Home Rental Request/CMN form, CMT will call the insurance company on your behalf to pre-certify your patient’s eligibility. Please note this is not a guarantee from the insurance company of coverage. Rather insurance coverage will be determined once the actual claim is submitted.
  2. Once we have the pre-certification, you and your patient will receive notification by email, provided the email address has been provided on the Home Rental Request/CMN form.
  3. While CMT is pre-certifying your patient, Physical Therapists should work to obtain a prescription from the Physician of record, if it’s not already in hand. Fax the Rx to CMT at (508) 947-1486.
  4. Once the Rx is received by CMT and all up-front deductibles have been met, the unit can be dispensed to the facility for distribution to the patient.

What’s included with the unit?

  • Each unit is sent out with complete instructions, HIPAA guidelines, Patient Rights and Privacy Statements for the patients files as required by Medicare.
  • Also included is the CMT Therapy Agreement, Patient Information sheet, Certificate of Medical Necessity and a Credit Card Authorization form. These   documents need to be completed in full, signed and dated and then faxed or mailed back to us before the unit can be dispensed to the patient.

What is the Clinician’s responsibility?

  1.  Fill out all appropriate paperwork making sure to obtain the patient’s signature.
  2.  Provide the patient with copies of each form once completed and signed.
  3.  Fax the completed paperwork back to CMT at (508) 947-1486. (Please note Clinician is responsible for returning the paperwork, not the patient.)
  4.  Train and dispense the unit to the patient.
  5.  Important: Physical Therapist is responsible for unit until all paperwork is received. Please refer to the information below on the set of rules to properly dispense the unit.

Need additional help?

Do you have questions about the forms? Do you need help filling out the home rental unit paperwork? Please be sure to contact Dawn at (508) 966-8240 or Mindy at (508) 859-4449 to answer all your questions.  Let them help you submit your paperwork correctly the first time!