RX Pad Program

Now You Can Enjoy Rewards with CMT’s new Rx Pad Program

The program tracks the total dollar volume of products purchased by you; your facility and your patients and rewards everyone with discounts based on the total volume amount. Not only does the facility get the discount, but it can be passed along to your patients! It’s a win-win for everyone!

The dollar volume is comprised of:

  • Facility purchases
  • Patient purchases (either by phone or online)
  • DME (Home Rental) Purchases and Rentals
  • Instrumentation Repairs

Remember, your Facility ID# is the gateway for determining your overall discount level. Each January we will assess your total sales volume and corresponding discount level. Should you increase your total sales and surpass your current discount level then you will jump to the next level. The greater your volume of business, the higher the discount level you and your patients will get to enjoy! Enroll today!

How do I start? Each Clinician or Facility will be assigned a Facility ID number. To get yours and become enrolled in the program, the Clinician must contact us either by phone at (800) 382-5879 or by clicking here.

How does the program work? Once you enroll; your starting discount level will be 5%.   Use our DME Program and another 3% is added to your discount level.  Also, refer a patient using our Rx Pad program and another 2% will be added.  In a short time, you could earn a 10% discount for your facility, as well as your patients!

**Please Note**  Customers paying invoices by credit card will have their percentage discount level reduced by 3% for a convenience fee. 

How do I build my bank? The top right-hand corner of each Rx pad will have a place for you to capture your Facility ID#. Simply enter your Facility ID when handing out the Rx pads to your patients. Inform them they will need to enter the Facility ID#  in the discount box at checkout when purchasing online or give the ID# to a CMT Account Representatives when ordering by phone. By providing this Facility ID# your patient will also get the benefit of your current discount level at the time they place their order.

In addition to our Rx Pads, our DME paperwork will also reflect a space for your Facility ID#. This way when payment is made by Medicare, Private Insurance or Self Pay patients your account is credited and your discount level increases. (Please note: The dollar amount from Private Insurance and Medicare payments will only be credited into your bank once it is received by CMT.)

Anything else I need to know? It is important to make your patients aware that the Facility ID# needs to be inserted at the time the order is placed when ordering online.  Unfortunately, we will not have the means to go back into an order once it’s completed and insert the Facility ID#. Don’t let missed sales get away. Be sure all of your referrals are properly credited to your Facility IDs discount level.

One more thing… please be sure to tell your patients they need to input the ID exactly as it appears; with the dash. Our website is set up to recognize the dash. If the ID number is not input properly the discount will not apply.

Ready to enroll?  Click here.

Curious what Rx Pads are available?

**Please Note**  Customers paying invoices by credit card will have their percentage discount level reduced by 3%  for a convenience fee.