Bariatric Commode

Bowel Support and Rehabilitation

Bariatric Commode

SKU: ML-G98204


A welcome addition to any bowel training program, the use of commodes promotes perfect posture training.


The arms of this bariatric commode swing out of the way for easier lateral transfers on and off the commode. Transfers are easier for patients using a wheelchair. Place near the bed with near arm down for patients transferring during the night. Comes standard with pail, lids and splash guard.

  • Available in Padded
  • Padded Commode, G98204: 350-lb. (159 kg) Weight capacity
  • Seat height range, 20″-25″ (51 cm-64 cm)
  • Seat depth, 18″-20″ (46 cm-51 cm)
  • Width between arms, 18.5″ (47 cm)
  • Overall width, 22″ (56 cm)


Weight 24 lbs