Anorectal Expulsion Balloon Catheter-MUI

Bowel Support and Rehabilitation

Anorectal Expulsion Balloon Catheter-MUI



Physical therapists and other practitioners specializing in lower bowel dysfunction now have a specialty catheter designed for the treatment of fecal incontinence and related disorders. These single-use catheters are customer designed with a super strong, latex free, polyisoprene balloon for easy and effective pressure biofeedback therapy and retraining.

This catheter is approved for single use only.  No refunds shall be given on this product once the packaging is open.  No exceptions.

NOTE: Catheters are sold individually.

NOTE:  Syringe is sold separately.

Please be sure to look below for the informative How to Use video by Susan Clinton, OCS, WCS, FAAOMPT, NBHWC

Balloon Catheter & Stop-cock Demonstration: CLICK HERE


What are Anorectal Expulsion Balloon Catheters Used for?

Rectal balloon therapy using Anorectal expulsion balloon catheters is the new first line treatment standard for treating benign defecatory disorders.   The treatment procedure involves the insertion of a lubricated balloon catheter into the rectum and, with the help of a graduated syringe, filling with either water or air.

Anorectal balloon catheters are now widely used for defecation training, sensor training and fecal incontinence coordination or urge resistance training.

Indications for Rectal Balloon Therapy:

  1. Defecation training: to improve coordination between the abdominal muscles and muscles within the pelvis in order to have complete bowel movements.
  2. Sensory Training: to help patients who might not be able to adequately feel the sensation of having to have a bowel movement.
  3. Fecal Incontinence coordination training: to help patients, once they perceive the urge to go to the bathroom, to contract the correct muscles in order to stop an incident of fecal incontinence.
  4. Fecal Incontinence urge resistance training: to essentially improve or strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Is Biofeedback using Balloon Catheters better than other treatment options?

There is a growing volume of evidence that the use of Rectal Balloon Therapy is more effective then the use of:

Where should I go or who should I see to help me?

While your in luck!  Over the last 20 years there has been an explosion of clinicians who specialize in Pelvic floor therapy.  First adopted by physical therapy the list of qualified clinicians have expanded to occupational therapy and rehab programs are developing right in your own specialists office.  A good place to start is on our Find A Therapist page.

Anorectal Expulsion Balloon Catheter Specs:

• Non latex 400ml volume balloon
• 60cm / 23 5/8″ tubing
• Used for Balloon Expulsion test and biofeedback
• Single use
• Specially designed tubing for easy intubation
• Markings for balloon placement
• Can be used in conjunction with solid-state or water-perfused motility systems
• Fitted with polyisoprene balloon
• DEHP-free

PT-Related FAQs:

Q:  Is the balloon catheter being placed distal or proximal to the IAS? If it is distal, how is it assisting in the IAS automatic reflex to relax and open?

A:  The balloon is inserted above the anal canal up into the rectum making it proximal to the IAS.  I hope it helps your clinical reasoning around the balloon procedure.

Please note:  The Catheter is approved for single use only.  No refunds shall be given on this product once the packaging is open.  No exceptions.  

(Note:  Syringe sold separately.)

Instructions for the proper use of the balloon catheters can be found here.

Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7.5 × .125 in

Catheters are sold individually for $34.95 each

MUI Catheter Instructions