Helping moms feel more comfortable and confident with their postpartum bodies – Trisha Enriquez

Sep 01 2017 / postpartum

Helping moms feel more comfortable and confident with their postpartum bodies – Trisha Enriquez

This Week’s Elvie Squeeze is Trisha Enriquez, a certified Nutrition and Weight-Loss Coach and Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist at No Tummy Mommy. With more than 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Trisha helps moms feel more comfortable and confident with their postpartum bodies. She focuses on core rehabilitation, pelvic floor health, and diastasis recti (ab separation) so we had to ask her for a little wisdom from one mother to another.

What are you most excited about in your life or work right now?

I am excited about some of the changes that are coming up for No Tummy Mommy. I can’t wait to share what’s in store, so stay tuned!

To date, what’s been your biggest achievement in life? What about the biggest challenge?

My biggest achievement was becoming a mother. I have learned so much from raising a little girl and she has made me a better person. Oddly enough, my biggest challenge has been parenthood. People tell you it’s going to be hard, but no one ever prepares you for some of the worries or fear you can experience as a parent.

What is your next big ambition?

I may have caught a case of baby fever! Shhhh…. haha

Which women inspire you most?

Lately, I’ve been inspired by women who have shared their story with me about leaving their corporate career after having a baby to start their own business to ultimately have more time at home with the family.

What do you think it means to be a ‘strong woman’?

A strong woman is confident; she is also compassionate and kind. A strong woman promotes self-love. She has a strong mind – she believes that everything she wants is already hers.

What made you want to work with moms specifically?

I started working with moms while I was on maternity leave and I could really relate to what they were going through (since I was experiencing a lot of the same challenges when it came to my own health).

Where did your interest in core and pelvic floor rehab come from?

I realized after speaking with so many mothers that there was not enough information out there to educate women on pelvic floor health. Also, I found that a lot of mothers wanted to jump back into their hardcore fitness routine without the proper care and recovery. I believe it’s important knowledge that needs to be shared with women (not just mothers).

You know a lot about the human body from all your studies. Did you still have any qualms about your body before and after birth?

As a matter of fact, I did have some moments. I actually wasn’t planning to have a baby, so it was quite a surprise. This made the changes to my body harder to embrace. But after she was born, the love I felt was like nothing I had ever experienced. With that said, I never looked back.

What was your own postpartum recovery like?

I was very active throughout my pregnancy, which I think helped in my recovery. However, I took it relatively slow returning to my regular fitness regimen after my daughter was born. I did see a pelvic floor physiotherapist and learned about proper breathing and alignment. I recommend every mother do so (and not to skip this step). I also tried not to put unrealistic expectations on myself. I was very lucky to have my husband who encouraged me to go work out if I was ever feeling a little down; he would take my daughter for some solo daddy time and give me time to exercise without worry.

What’s the most common post-baby body misconception that you have to set straight for your clients?

In my opinion, mothers get the green light from their doctor at 6 weeks to go work out, but as I mentioned in the last question, one of the most important steps is seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist. You can get an internal detailed assessment and learn about restoring your core before jumping right back into regular training.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love too many things, but there is nothing that can compare to their cuddles and kisses.

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