Why Moms On-the-Go Need the Elvie Breast Pump

Elvie Breast Pump
Jun 12 2019 / women

Why Moms On-the-Go Need the Elvie Breast Pump

According to 2018 U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics Employment Characteristics of Families Report, the labor force participating rate of mothers with children under the age 6 is 65.1%.   Because of the high employment rate among women in the United States, we had the largest breast pump market share in 2018.   This can be attributed to our healthcare infrastructure and overall patient awareness.  Some  states, including California, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island now have paid maternity leave laws. California, for example, offers new mothers up to six weeks, at 55% of their salary. New Jersey offers six weeks and two-thirds of salary and Rhode Island pays four weeks at 60%.


While there may be more states willing to offer paid maternity leave laws, there are still many that don’t which may cause Mom’s to go back to work sooner because of financial or home care reasons.  Accordingly; about 25% of women go back to work just 10 days after having a baby.   By going back too soon, it gives her less time to bond with her child, it can also increases her risk of postpartum depression, and also makes breastfeeding — which is incredibly beneficial for the baby’s health — much more difficult.


For those Mom’s going back to work, under the Affordable Care Act, she’s entitled to take breaks during the work hours in order to pump breast milk for her baby.   While some companies now offer lactation rooms, it wasn’t until the Fair Labor Standard in 2010 that employers were legally obliged to support breastfeeding mothers in pumping during working hours.  Now there is legislation in place which means companies with over 50 employees must provide a clean and safe room for women to pump and give female employees adequate break time to pump, although technically they don’t have to pay you for those breaks.


With many Moms’ having to return to work before their baby is ready to be weaned off milk, it isn’t surprising that breast pumping is incredibly popular.   Pumping at work however, can be problematic, especially with the awkward traditional breast pumps.  When you return to work when you are still breastfeeding; it can add a kink to an otherwise smooth daily routine.  This is why the Elvie Breast Pump has become so popular in the UK among working mothers with nearly 30K sold in just a few months.

Using a simple, hands free and wireless pump like the silent Elvie Breast Pump doesn’t just make the process of pumping more efficient – its revolutionary!   The Elvie Breast Pump is small and light-weight and fits inside your nursing bra with no wires or tubes.  The design provides Mom’s with the freedom to pump anywhere, even the office and to be hands-free so she can truly multi-task like a pro!