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iDryNeedle: Professional Series



The Professional Series is the flagship line from IDryNeedle.  They are of premium quality and are industry-specific when used by dry needling professionals.  The series comes in the most commonly used sizes in clinics.


The Professional Series is the premier product from The Dry Needle line.  This series offers premium quality and industry-specific product for dry needling professionals in the most commonly used dry needle sizes.  Pelvic Floor Therapist can use dry needling with patients that present pelvic floor and neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction such as lumbopelvic pain, incontinence, voiding dysfunction and/or sexual pain or dysfunction.

What are the features of the IDryNeedle:

  • Fully-lubricated needle body with medical grade bio-accepting lubricant
  • Surgical grade stainless steel gives shaft firm feel at smaller diameter
  • Conductive metal spring handle for ease of electrical stim application
  • Shim needle placement (versus glue attachment)
  • Precision tip designed for reduced insertion discomfort
  • 100 needles per box
  • Individually packages in sterile

What sizes come in the Professional Series:

  •  The .30mm x 30mm and the .30mm x 40mm are most commonly used for distal upper extremity/lower extremity, the thorax for smaller body types, as well as superficial dry needling techniques.
  • The .30mm x 50mm and the .30mm x 60mm are most commonly used for shoulder girdle, proximal upper extremity, lower extremity, thigh and parapsinals.

The is a single use only product and should be stored in a cool dry place.   Each IDryNeedle is sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas and is made form high grade surgical stainless steel.   Discard used needle in a biohazard container after use.

The dry needle is a device intended to puncture the skin in the practice of physical therapy or acupuncture by various qualified health practitioners duly licensed by their own state and federal licensing agencies.

Federal law restricts the device to the sale by or on the order of qualified practitioners of various health professionals as determine by state the federal regulation.  As such, proof of licensure will be needed to prior to shipping out from our warehouse.  

Difference between Acupuncture Needles and IDryNeedles:

  • Fully lubricated needle body for added comfort for your patient
  • Bio-accepted Silicone lubricant helps to cause no adverse reaction when used properly
  • IDryNeedles come in longer needle size to help reach deeper neuromuscular regions