Intimate Rose Dilator Handle

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Intimate Rose Dilator Handle

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Intimate Rose Dilator Handle is ergonomic designed, easy to hold handle with base and three bands (Small, Medium, and Large).  The handle provides added extension to any of their dilators during your dilation therapy and can be used with Intimate Rose dilators, as well as any other silicone dilators.


The Intimate Rose Dilator Handle is an ergonomic, easy to hold handle with base and three bands (Small, Medium, and Large) to secure directly to dilators.  This dilator handle is uniquely designed to provide an extension of reach for improved comfort during dilator training. It is perfect for those who struggle with dexterity, arthritis, or for those who would like some extra distance from their body while initiating dilator training. It is compatible with most other dilator brands and is the only handle on the market designed specifically for silicone dilators. The handle is 8 inches long, 0.75 inches wide, and the base of the holder where the dilator is held is 3 inches wide.

  • Smooth, soft handle and base
  • Ergonomically designed for easy use
  • Fits most brands of dilators
  • Designed by a Pelvic Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Only dilator handle specifically designed for silicone dilators


Women who experience painful penetration know how important it is to have control of the dilator or vaginal trainer. The Intimate Rose dilator handle is the only one designed with ergonomic contour to allow for optimal reach and utilization during dilator training. It is designed to pair seamlessly with Intimate Rose dilators, but can also be used with other dilator brands as well.

The dilator handle is made to give you extended reach when using dilators for training for:

– Painful sex
– Vaginismus
– Vaginal stenosis
– Vulvodynia
– Vestibulodynia
– Menopause
– Pelvic pain
– Gender affirmation

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Dimensions 9 × 5.375 × 1.63 in