sEMG Biofeedback Pathway External Adapter- PG-7100

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sEMG Biofeedback Pathway External Adapter- PG-7100

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The PG-7100 6” adapter is designed to maintain compliance in regard to infection control in a clinical setting.

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The PG-7100 sEMG is a Pathway external adapter designed to maintain compliance with regard to infection control in a clinical setting. The PG-7100 (Adapter) plugs into the PG-3660 (Velcro Adapter) allowing MR series users to utilize the 24″ snap lead wire set single patient multi-use lead-wire set, Tendor Trode disposable lead-wire electrode. or the PG-7400 disposable lead-wire electrode for external pelvic floor placements.

Back in 2008 external lead wires that come in contact, or have the ability to come in contact with mucosa had been reclassified from non-critical to a semi-critical device.  This reclassification changed the way that external lead wires could be cleaned.  Prior to the reclassification a simple alcohol wipe was the recommended cleaning procedure.  After reclassification, the recommended cleaning procedure was autoclave, gas autoclave or submerging the lead wires in an OSHA approved liquid solution with a three minute or less kill rate.  Unfortunately all recommended clean procedures either significantly reduce the life of the leadwire or completely destroy the leadwire.

The PG-7100 external adapter allows the clinician to use a disposable lead wire or a single patient multi-use leadwire at a significantly reduced cost without the need for infection control protocols.


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