S/he* Pak Vaginal Cooling Device for Pelvic Floor Discomfort

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S/he* Pak Vaginal Cooling Device for Pelvic Floor Discomfort

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S/he*Pak’s unique design cools both the internal and external tissues, and allows you to easily hold, insert, and remove the device to provide comfort for pelvic floor inflammation.


When to Use S/he Pak
Any time you are experiencing pelvic floor swelling,
itching, burning, or pain:

  • Yeast or bacterial infections
  • Vaginal child delivery
  • Period of increased sexual intimacy
  • Sexual intimacy in post-menopausal people
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Patients taking certain chemotherapies
  • Interstitial cystitis


Common Sense Caution:
S/he*Pak is not a cure for pelvic floor infections.
Just relief. Still seek medical attention as needed.
If you have sutures in place, please consult your OB/Gyn
professional first. If S/he*Pak does not relieve your
symptoms or your symptoms worsen, please seek out
professional medical attention.

How Often to Use S/he Pak:

You can use S/he*Pak many times per day for relief, but allow for one hour between uses.


How to Use:

Step 1: Wash

Wash S/he*Pak with soap and water. Dry. Place in the pouch provided upside down, so liquid is in the uppermost part of the device.


Step 2: Freeze

Place pouch in the freezer. S/he*Pak is ready for use when completely frozen, which can take up to 2 hours.


Step 3: Insert

Apply a quarter sized amount of lubricating gel to the rounded tip of the device. Insert for 15-20 mins.


Step 4: Repeat the Process

Wash and refreeze your S/he*Pak after every use. Wait at least 1 hour before completing Step 3 again.


Kit Includes:

1 S/he*Pak

An ice pack specially designed for inner and outer tissues of the pelvic floor.

Reusable Pouch

This pouch helps keep your S/he*Pak clean while sitting in your freezer.

Instructions for Use

Simple, easy to follow instructions make using S/he*Pak hassle free.


Quality & Safety Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Medical Grade Manufacturing
  • Heat Sealed
  • Ice Pack Gel Safe
  • Reusable Device
  • & Storage Bag
  • Will Not Stick to Tissues
  • Easy to Clean