Syracuse Medical Vaginal Dilators (Individual)

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Syracuse Medical Vaginal Dilators (Individual)



The Syracuse Medical Dilators, which are produced in a variety of sizes, is used for progressive dilation therapy in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.

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What are Vaginal Dilators?

Vaginal dilators are used to restore vaginal capacity, to expand the vagina in width and depth, to provide elasticity to the tissues, and to allow for comfortable sexual activity.

What conditions do vaginal dilators treat?

Several medical conditions may warrant the use of vaginal dilation, including superficial dyspareunia, high-tone pelvic floor dysfunction, vaginismus, provoked vestibulodynia, vaginal atrophy, vulvar dermatoses, vaginal agenesis, and post-radiation adhesions. Dilation also can be used as deconditioning therapy for post-radiation adhesions.  Most recently vaginal dilation is used for patients who are Post-Operative Sex Reassignment Surgery.

Why Syracuse Medical Dilators?

The Syracuse Medical Dilators, which are produced in a variety of sizes, are the most cost effective dilators for progressive dilation therapy. These dilators have been used by the gynecological profession for treatment of a variety of pelvic floor conditions since 1965. The Syracuse Medical Devices style Vaginal Dilators are available in (7) graduated diameters and are made from medical grade (non latex) rigid plastic, machined to a super smooth texture surface.

What sizes are available?

  1. X-Small (1/2 in, 13mm, 1.57″ circumference)
  2. X-Small Plus (11/16 in, 18 mm, 2.15″ circumference)
  3. Small (7/8 in, 22mm, 2.74″ circumference)
  4. Small Plus (1 in, 25mm, 3.14″ circumference)
  5. Medium (1 1/8 in, 29mm, 3.53″ circumference)
  6. Medium Plus (1 1/4 in, 32mm, 3.92″ circumference)
  7. Large (1 3/8 in, 35mm, 4.31″ circumference)
  8. Large Plus (5″ x 6″, 39mm, 123 mm circumference)

Once I have my vaginal dilator how do I use it?

Click this link to purchase your copy of “Vaginal Dilator Techniques” by Kathe Wallace!  The user will receive the following information:

  • Techniques and Safety Tips For Dilator Use
  • Vaginal Dilator: Comments and Tips for Patients
  • Pelvic Floor Deep Layer Muscle Map
  • Initial Insertion Technique
  • Rotational Insertion Technique
  • Dilator Sweep Technique
  • Using a Vaginal Dilator for Downward Stretching
  • Using a Vaginal Dilator for Side Wall Stretching
  • Using a Vaginal Dilator for Angled Stretching
  • Using a Vaginal Dilator for In and Out Stretching
  • Using a Vaginal Dilator with Rotation Stretching

How Do I clean my vaginal dilator?

Please note that dilators are are a personal device and not to be shared!  With that in mind, clean the dilators after each use. Wash with warm water and mild soap. Pat dry and allow dilator to completely air dry. Store your clean dilator in cotton cloth or the open air.

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