Telesis Biofeedback Software for Pathway MR Series


Telesis Biofeedback Software for Pathway MR Series



Telesis biofeedback software is a HIPAA compliant software package designed to work with one Pathway MR series single and dual channel handheld biofeedback system at a time.  The software is for one license only.

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Telesis biofeedback software is a HIPAA compliant software package designed to work with the Pathway MR series single and dual channel handheld biofeedback systems.    Each MR series handheld biofeedback unit will need its own license to fully operate the Telesis software.   If you have more than one MR handheld unit, please contact your CMT Rep to get details about the Telesis Multi-License pricing.

This easy to understand program is broken down into three parts and provides the clinician with a powerful tool for quantifying patient progress over time.  The three parts of the software include:

Telesis biofeedback software Front Panel:

The front panel of the software through the tools section allows the clinician to add and classify users allowed to work within it.  Users can be set up using one of three classifications:

  • Provider (administrator classification allowing full access to the software)
  • Office Staff (limited access to output reporting data)
  • Referring Physician (Non-access but used for reporting purposes)


System defaults can also accessed through the front panel which dictate:

  • Which Unique patient identifiers will be used
  • How much detail will be exported to the reports (Statistics and Graphics)
  • How the reports will be exported (Either PDF or MS Word)


The front panel of the Telesis biofeedback software also provides detailed reporting of every user who accesses the system.  Details include:

  • Which user is accessing the system
  • which location it is being accessed from
  • patients treated
  • screens viewed
  • screen printed
  • screens edited
  • visits created

Telesis biofeedback software Patient Selection and Real time Treatment Sessions:

This area is where the user will add new patients into the system or choose from a drop down menu to access existing patients.  Once selected the clinician may choose to fill out any or all of the session attachments dedicated to pelvic muscle rehabilitation.

After the completion the clinician can choose to run any of the many protocols pre-set within the software or generate a limitless amount of new protocols pertaining to the patient or the condition being treated.  The clinician can run up to seven individual sessions per patient visit.  Once the session is completed the clinician is take to a session graph where the graph can be modified to add user defined markers or zoom in and print minute details of the graph for the patient chart.

Telesis biofeedback software Reporting:

Once the session is complete the user can then access the session reports.  These reports include:

  • Chart Note
  • EMG Evaluation Report
  • Accessory Muscle performance measurement report
  • Exercise Report (For Patient to take home)
  • Muscle Performance measurement report
  • Insurance Authorization Letter


These reports can be exported in either PDF format or in MS Word (MS Word is not included in software package) which can be easily modified to suit the clinicians needs.

All Telesis software purchased through CMT comes with unlimited online training, free of charge

Purchase of Telesis includes:

  1. Telesis License valid for one Pathway MR unit.  (If MR unit is already purchased, the serial number will be needed upon purchase)
  2. Users Guide
  3. Unlimited CMT online training (see Purchase note)

Minimum Computer Requirements needed to operate Telesis software:

Windows 10 Professional

  • 64 bit Operating System
  • Intel i5 Processor or Higher CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Available CD ROM
  • 500 GB Minimum Available Hard Drive Space (to allow for database expansion)


Windows XP Professional, Windows 7.0 Professional, or Windows 8 Professional*

  • 32 Bit Operating System, 64 Bit Operating System*
  • Celeron or Higher CPU
    • RAM:
      • Windows XP Professional – 1GB RAM
      • Windows 7.0  or 8 Professional – 2GB RAM
    • Available CD ROM
    • 1 GB Minimum available hard drive space (to allow for database expansion)
    • USB Port
      (*Synergy 3D not supported)
Weight 0.9 lbs

Telesis Software User's Guide

Sample of Telesis Chart Note