CMT-23 TENS-Dual Channel


CMT-23 TENS-Dual Channel



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According to a Gallup Poll, 15% of women in the United States suffer from chronic pelvic pain.  TENs units are effectively used by Pelvic Floor Therapists to treat conditions associated with pelvic muscle dysfunction such as Interstitial Cystitis, Dysmenorrhea and Prostatitis, to name a few.  TENS has also been used to relieve labor pains.

Mechanism: MAXTENS 1000 (Analog) Channel: Dual Amplitutde: Adjustable, 0-80m A peak into 500 om load each channel Pulse Rate: Adjustable 2 ~ 150 HZ Pulse Width: Adjustable 30 ~ 260 us Mode: B: Burst mode; N: Normal (constant) mode; M: Modulation mode Wave form: Asymmetrical biphasic pulse Timer: 15, 30, continue Power supply: 9V Battery (included) Size: 105(H) x 70(W) X 24(T) mm Weight: 127g (battery included).

* Note to our Customers: This unit requires a valid prescription in order to purchase.  Your prescription may be faxed to us at (508) 947-1486 or emailed to at  We can not ship out the unit until your prescription is received by us.   Thank you.

Weight 1.99987 lbs