Berman Vibrating Vaginal Dilator

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Berman Vibrating Vaginal Dilator

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The Berman vibrating vaginal dilator provides the best of both worlds for dilation at an great price. The dilator is multi-speed allowing the user to set a level suitable to their needs. The set comes with a handle and three interlocking, stacked dilators.

For Clinicians referring patients for this product, please use our Rx Pad which can be found by clicking here.

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Material Safety Data Sheet

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The Berman vibrating vaginal dilator is multi-speed which allows the user to set the dilator to a level suitable to their needs.  For people who experience issues with intimacy due to pain on insertion (Dyspareunia), or internal trigger points (Tender Spots inside the vagina), may sometimes benefit from the use of vibration to help ease the dilator in more comfortably. Device take 2 AA Batteries that are not included but are available for purchase.


The dilator has one fixed dilator attached to the handle and three interlocking dilators, which are graduated and stack upon one another to provide increased diameter as the user progresses through their treatment program.  The sizes are as follows:

  • Dilator size 1: 69mm x 85mm      Diameter 21mm
  • Dilator size 2: 84mm x 108mm    Diameter 26mm
  • Dilator size 3: 100mm x 137mm   Diameter 32mm
  • Dilator size 4: 118mm x 160mm    Diameter  37mm


One of the other features who importance is not always discussed when talking about dilators is a handle.  Most dilators on the market today are a sleek rod made of one type of plastic or silicone but do not include a handle.  For many people that is not an issue and their therapy can progress without issue.  For others, the use of a handle can be a game changer when having to work around a larger abdominal area.  The use of a handle is also helpful for those who have trigger point issues where maneuvering the dilator around is necessary.

What is it made of:

The dilator is latex free and made from ABS plastic.  The plastic is thought to be safe and non-leaching.  If you would like to read more about ABS Plastic, click here.


As you undoubtedly know that the Berman Vibrating Vaginal Dilator is sold both in the medical rehab market as well as in the adult market.  We understand that for many of you the idea of receiving a package with adult content on the box is not ideal when you live in a household with small children or parents.  At CMT, we remove all adult material from the package and ship discreetly so you receive your product without worries.

What comes in the box:

When you receive your package from CMT you will find the handle unit with 3 separate inter-lockable sleeves packed in a sealed nondescript bag.  If you chose to order batteries with your unit, they will also be included in the box.

Need a great resource for your patients to aid in their dilation therapy program.  You can do no better then “VAGINAL DILATOR TECHNIQUES BY KATHE WALLACE”

For Clinicians referring patients for this product, please use our Rx Pad which can be found by clicking here.

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