Cube Pessary Fitting Kit

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Cube Pessary Fitting Kit

SKU: BA-FS2000


A Pessary Fitting Set designed for a physician to determine the proper size and type of pessary for the patient before prescription. It is fitted by trial and error. The fitting pessary is to be used as a fitting device within the clinic environment. Fitting usually requires a trial of various sizes to determine the proper pessary size. Pessary Fitting Set is a valuable aid in selecting the correct pessary.

Sizes Included in Fitting Kit (for fitting cube pessary with and without drain)

BA-CU2 :   CU 33mm / .98in #2 Cube pessary

BA-CU3 :   CU37mm / 1.46in #3 Cube pessary

BA-CU4 :   CU 41mm / 1.61in #4 Cube pessary

BA-CU5 :   CU 45mm / 1.77in #5 Cube pessary

BA-CU6  :  CU 50mm / 1.97in #6 Cube pessary

BA-CU7 :   CU 56mm / 2.20in #7 Cube pessary