Cube Pessary Fitting Kit

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Cube Pessary Fitting Kit

SKU: BA-FS2000


A Pessary Fitting Set designed for a physician to determine the proper size and type of pessary for the patient before prescription. It is fitted by trial and error. The fitting pessary is to be used as a fitting device within the clinic environment. Fitting usually requires a trial of various sizes to determine the proper pessary size. Pessary Fitting Set is a valuable aid in selecting the correct pessary.


Pessary Selection Chart

Pessary Sizing Chart

Pessary Fitting, Specifications and Procedures

Sizes Included in Fitting Kit (for fitting cube pessary with and without drain)

BA-CU2 :   CU 33mm / .98in #2 Cube pessary

BA-CU3 :   CU37mm / 1.46in #3 Cube pessary

BA-CU4 :   CU 41mm / 1.61in #4 Cube pessary

BA-CU5 :   CU 45mm / 1.77in #5 Cube pessary

BA-CU6  :  CU 50mm / 1.97in #6 Cube pessary

BA-CU7 :   CU 56mm / 2.20in #7 Cube pessary

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