EMYO-Pediatric Biofeedback Equipment

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EMYO-Pediatric Biofeedback Equipment


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EMYO is actually a very sophisticated Pediatric Biofeedback System, that is not just for pediatric patients.  EMYO is also intended for anyone needing Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation who would do better in a video game environment.  Also, because the EMYO does not need to be physically connected to a computer, it is an excellent orthopedic system as well.  The EMYO can record active movement, without the hassle of wires, thereby giving patients freedom of movement, which is crucial for orthopedic applications.


EMYO Brochure

What is EMYO?

The EMYO Pediatric biofeedback system is available in either a single or dual channel surface EMG (sEMG) configuration.  The system offers Bluetooth communication between the system and the computer which allows for active movement during sessions.  EMYO’s software package also includes video games for an engaging experience during the biofeedback session.

EMYO is actually a very sophisticated Pediatric Biofeedback System.  First of all, it is not just for the pediatric population.  EMYO is also intended for anyone needing Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation who would do better in a video game environment.  Secondly, EMYO is not just for Pelvic Floor Biofeedback. EMYO does not need to be physically connected to a computer therefore it is an excellent orthopedic system as well.  Since you can record active movement, without the hassle of wires, patients have the freedom of movement which is crucial for orthopedic applications.

How difficult is EMYO software to learn?

Easy, you might actually know it already!  If you are a current or past user of either the Synergy 3D (Discontinued), or the Telesis software programs, then you already know the majority of the software already.  EMYO software has the same:

  1. Tools section that features:
    • System Setup
    • Care Provider Setup
    • Location Setup
    • Compliance Tracking
  2. Patient Selection Screen
  3. Session Attachments
  4. Real Time Screen
  5. Modifying Protocol Menu
  6. Session Graphs
  7. Post Session Graphs
  8. Reporting

So if everything’s the same then what’s different?

Good question! The list of the differences is short but significant!!!

EMYO’s software includes a games window.  Choose the game that you want to play then the protocol that you want to run.  The system will display the graphic information, as always, for the clinician to review and make changes on the fly.  The Patient, through the additional monitor will be playing the game.  You can make the game more or less challenging based on the goals that you set.

EMYO works through Bluetooth technology therefore you are not tethered to the computer!  What a great idea!  Now you can easily take your patient from the table to the floor and on to any number of rehab devices to evaluate active movement.  Simply put, you have the ability evaluate your patients in real life situations.

OK, looks good so far, what comes in the box?

When you purchase EMYO through CMT, you get:

  1. EMYO single or dual channel system (dependent on the system purchased)
  2. One or two sEMG lead-wires (dependent on the system purchased)
  3. EMYO software
  4. One PG-3660 Velcro adapter which is a conduit for doing pelvic floor work.
  5. One PG-7100 lead wire adapter which allows for disposable and reusable lead-wire sets
  6. Carrying case for EMYO
  7. Users Guide

What additional items should I get so that I can start treating right out of the box?

  1. One (1) Laptop Computer with Windows 10 Professional
  2. One 24″ monitor
  3. One color printer
  4. One TV/Tablet Height Adjustable stand on wheels. Fits monitor 15 to 27 inches
  5. One bag of PG-7400 disposable lead-wire sets (25 sets per bag)
  6. One bag of PG-6750 electrodes for monitoring accessory muscle (100 placements/bag)

Thanks, I’m interested but why should I buy from CMT?

That’s the easiest decision that you will make!  The reasons to choose CMT are numerous and include:

  1. 25 years in business serving clinicians treating Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction!
  2. More than 80 years total experience working with Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation devices, OTC products and accessories!
  3. UNLIMITED TRAINING!  Yes, you do not need to adjust your eyes, CMT offers unlimited training for the life of the product, PERIOD!
  4. No Voice Jail.  Between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday you will get a live representative to answer your call and questions!
  5. Full service, on site DME program to provide home units to your patients.  We are also Medicare Accredited!
  6. RxPad discount program designed to provide discounts to our institutional customers and their patients!
  7. Affiliate Program designed for independent and private practice clinicians as an additional revenue stream!

Ok, I’m ready for an estimate, who do I talk to?

Please call us at 800-382-5879 for a Customized Estimate


The Manufacturer warrants the equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship for One-Year to include:

  1. Service:  All parts and labor provided that:
    • Purchaser obtains a Return Authorization Number (RMA#)
    • Purchaser must return the instrument at their own expense
    • Manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the defective unit
    • Manufacturer will return the device at the Manufacturer’s expense.
  2. Optional Extended Warranty:  Available through CMT, contact your representative for further information.
  3. Assignment:  Warranty cannot be assigned without the express written consent of the Manufacturer

System Specifications:

Dimensions: 4.6″ x 3.25″ x 1.25″
Weight: 7.2 Ounces with Battery
Power: Heavy Duty 9 Volt Battery


Dual Channel sEMG System