Free-up Massage Cream

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Free-up Massage Cream

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Free-up creates a great lubricant letting the Therapist’s hands glide effortlessly over the client’s skin. Formulated to have superb tissue perception to work surface & deep muscle with less friction. A slow absorption rate means less application thereby saving money.

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Free-up massage cream has several benefits—some that it shares with other massage creams and some that set it apart from them. Here are some of free-up massage cream’s wonderful attributes:

  • It creates a great glide:  free-up acts as a lubricant letting the massage therapist’s hand glide effortlessly over the client’s skin. It is formulated to have superb tissue perception to work surface & deep muscle with less friction for work that involves a lot of effleurage.
  • It doesn’t need to be reapplied as often:  Due to its thicker consistency, free-up has a slow absorption rate that typically does its job with less application when compared to massage oil and massage lotion. You not only save time, you also save money since you won’t have to purchase as much product.
  • Excellent lubricity. Unlike oily or slick substances, does not inhibit deep tissue penetration or discrimination.
  • Won’t ball up or dry out on the skin. Safe, quality formulation. Bacteriostatic. Does not contain beeswax.


Free-up is really a great selection when choosing a massage cream for your practice. This moisturizing, long-lasting, money-saving product will make you and your clients very happy!

Free-up is available unscented through CMT.  Unscented free-up is the most popular choice among massage professionals

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