Pathway CTS-2000 Pelvic Muscle Rehab System

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Pathway CTS-2000 Pelvic Muscle Rehab System

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The Pathway CTS-2000 offers two channels of surface EMG, one channel of Pelvic Floor Stimulation and one channel pressure manometry packed in HIPAA compliant software package detailed for pelvic floor.

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The Pathway CTS-2000 pelvic muscle rehab system is the gold standard for rehab professionals specializing in pelvic muscle rehabilitation.  The system offers two channels of surface EMG biofeedback, (one channel for intra-cavity vaginal/intra-cavity rectal or external pelvic muscle placement) and (one channel for accessory muscle placement).  The system also includes one channel of intra-cavity vaginal/intra-cavity rectal Pelvic Floor Stimulation and one channel intra-cavity rectal pressure manometry all combined with a HIPAA compliant software package detailed for working with the pelvic floor.

The CTS-2000 pelvic muscle rehabilitation software offers intuitive and seamless treatment navigation with standard start-up protocols allowing the clinician to start treating right out of the box.  As the clinician becomes more comfortable with the system, protocols can be modified to incrementally work with each patient whether up-training weak muscle or downtraining hypertonic muscle.  The system is designed with an extensive library of treatment displays and animation video clips to help keep the patient engaged during their individual treatment session.

Pelvic Floor Stimulation (PFS) offered through four different frequencies:

  • 12.5 Hz: Urgency/Frequency
  • 50 Hz: Stress Incontinence
  • 100 Hz: Stress Incontinence/Pelvic Pain
  • 200 Hz: Non-Obstructed Bladder retension


These frequencies are all available as twelve standard protocols within the system which vary based on duty cycle (On/Off time). Like all standard protocols on the CTS-2000 pelvic muscle rehab system’s software the user can modify the protocols to suit an individual patient or save as an application protocol to address a group of similar patients.  The software also provides the clinician with concurrent EMG and PFS where the clinician and patient can view sEMG biofeedback activity in between the PFS to confirm muscle identification or reduction of spasm.

Pressure Manometry is a true correlation of Pelvic muscle strength and a key component to documenting patient progress over time.  Measured in mmHg or cmH2O the system zero’s initial resting muscle pressure thereby removing any false readings due to hypertonic muscle allowing the clinician to focus specifically on strength.  Like all components of the CTS-2000 pelvic muscle rehab system’s software, manometry protocols can be modified to suit each clinician and patients needs.

Lastly, the system offers a variety of post-session reports to include:

  • Chart Note
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulation Report
  • Pelvic Muscle Strength Report
  • How to Perform Pelvic Muscle Exercise (Patient FAQ form and for homework)
  • Bladder Diary
  • EMG Evaluation Report
  • Exercies Report
  • Physical Medicine Muscle Performance Measurement Report
  • Authorization Letter

These reports gather information from session statics and clinician attachments and incorporate the information into a standard statistical report, such as a chart note, or into a report narrative defined by the software.  The clinician can choose to include session graphics and can also edit all reports by downloading them to MS Word (Not Included).

The Pathway CTS-2000 includes all the following adapters and consumable items:

(3) Disposable Electrodes Sample Packets #DLE-253

(4) Pathway Electrode Sample Packets #PG-6750

(1) Ch A 10′ Interface Cable for PG-7300

(1) Ch B 10′ Extended Pathway Preamplifier #PG-2853E

(4) Pathway Vaginal EMG/Stimulation Sensor #PG-6330

(2) Pathway Rectal EMG/Stimulation Sensor #PG-6340

(4) Pathway Rectal Manometry Sensors # PG-6425

(1)-Operator’s Guide

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