Prolapse Support Garment “Hide-A-Way”

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Prolapse Support Garment “Hide-A-Way”

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The Hide-a-way is very light-weight and easy to wear. The elastic adjustment is in the front of the hide-a-way for easy access. This garment will support stage 1, 2, or the beginning of a protruding prolapse.

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A brand new prolapse support garment for your prolapse bladder.  It sits comfortably beneath your stomach and hip area so there is absolutely no feeling of confinement. It is very smooth against your skin and has adjustable elastic straps so you get the exact tension you need against your vagina. The Hide-A-Way never slips or slides or moves in anyway for as long as you have it on.

This garment provides compression up against the vagina where you need the most support. Just slip it on and adjust it to your comfort. Your underwear fits right over it. Do those pelvic floor exercises, ride your bike or whatever activity you wish. The Hide-A-Way prolapse support is now giving you that extra support for your prolapse that your underwear cannot possibly provide.

The Hide-a-way prolapse support is a good alternative if you are not able to wear a pessary or you are not interested in prolapse surgery.  If you suffer from urine leakage it will accommodate an incontinence pad or light-day pad.  The inside gusset is 90% cotton/10% spandex. The elastic straps are 87% Nylon and 13% spandex.

The Hide-a-way prolapse support is also great for pregnant women who may suffer a prolapsed bladder before or after birth. It provides support for the discomfort of vulvar varicose veins as well. It will also hold a menstrual pad for all those days after childbirth. When wearing the Hide-A-Way there is absolutely no pressure anywhere near the stomach area and the best part is, the Hide-a-way does not move at all, once it is on.

The Hide-A-Way will fit an 18 inch to 28 inch thigh. Please measure the top of your thigh (See Video Below) to confirm it is between 18 inches and 28 inches to fit.

It is very important that you measure the top of your thigh properly as there are no returns on this item because of the sanitary nature.



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