The Compressor SI Belt Replacement Straps

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The Compressor SI Belt Replacement Straps

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Replacement straps for the one SI belt that allows personalized pelvic support positioning — The Compressor. Non-returnable.

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For daily users of The Compressor SI Belt there will come a time when you will need to replace the straps due to excess wear and laundering.  The Compressor SI Belt replacement straps allows you to keep wearing your belt for the personalized pelvic support you have come to know and trust.

The Com-Pressor is a uniquely designed pelvic compression belt developed by physical therapist Diane Lee. It promotes pelvic stability during retraining of impaired lumbo-pelvic core muscles due to pregnancy, surgery, sprains and more. The Com-Pressor sacroiliac belt is comprised of an inelastic body belt that’s worn around the pelvic girdle and four compression straps, which are used to achieve the perfect position and level of support.

Each set of SI Belt Replacement Straps includes two short and two long compression straps.

What is the SI Joints?

The SI joints—located on either side of the base of the spine—connect the spine to the pelvis. Were it not for these joints, or SI joint as they are commonly called, you wouldn’t be able to stand or walk. The job of the SI joint is to stabilize the pelvis, as well as serve as a shock absorber between the weight-bearing forces of motion of the lower body and the spine.

 The SI joint has to move in order for the pelvis to tilt and rotate, but its range of motion is meant to be very limited. Strong ligaments help keep the joint in proper alignment and prevent excessive movement when walking, running, or simply standing. Although these ligaments keep motion in check, they stretch just enough so that the joint can carry out its complex combinations of rotating, sliding or tilting during weight-bearing activities. When the ligaments fail to provide adequate support, destabilization of the SI joint and pelvis can occur.
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