sEMG Preamplifier-Pathway PG-2583 – 5′

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sEMG Preamplifier-Pathway PG-2583 – 5′

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The PG-2583g or PG-2583w sEMG preamplifier is the correct choice for customers utilizing the Pathway MR-25, MR-20, MR-15, MR-10, TR-10 or TR-10c. Color is for muscle differentiation only and either color lead-wire can be used in any of the ports of the aforementioned instrumentation.

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Current Medical Technologies offers three classes of biofeedback instrumentation.  Hand held patient trainers, hand held clinical systems and multi-modality biofeedback systems.  If your clinic owns any of our  hand held sEMG systems such as the MR-20, MR-25, MR-10, MR-15 or any of the TR Series patient trainer units then the sEMG preamplifier is the correct choice for your clinic.  The five foot (5′) sEMG preamplifier comes in either white or grey and is used for muscle differentiation in any of our units where two channels of sEMG can be monitored simultaneously.

In pelvic muscle rehabilitation, the preamplifier can be plugged into either channel A or B of a dual channel unit.  Channel A is typically used for pelvic floor for those clinicians treating patients with pelvic muscle dysfunction and can be configured in a variety of different ways depending on the patient being treated (Download chart in “resources” section below for common placements).  The preamplifier plugged into channel B is used in conjunction with a PG-6750 and used to monitor the TA muscle or gluteus muscle depending on the clinician’s observation of the patient.

Surface electromyography is the study of muscle, more precisely, it is the study of a muscles motor unit action potential.  In a rehab setting it provides the clinician with information pertaining to under or over utilization of the muscle, whether the muscle is at rest or work, the coordination of the muscle as it pertains to other muscles, movement patterns, pain, disuse and atrophy.

As a replacement lead-wire it also falls under Current Medical Technologies defective preamplifier program.  This program is available to all customers replacing a defective preamplifier.  After placing your order, contact our customer service department (800) 382-5879 to arrange a return of your defective preamplifier.  Once the defective leadwire is returned to our offices, a credit will be applied to the card used to place your order.

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